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Join Jordan Gottschalk and regular guest RJ Weise in a discussion on the world of biathlon

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About Us

Jordan Gottschalk from Penalty Loop and RJ Weise from Biathlon Analytics break down the world of biathlon, focusing primarily on the IBU World Cup, but touching on a few other important areas as well. In the summer months we interview athletes, coaches and other people related to biathlon, with a main focus on understanding life of an athlete, coach, etc. in the IBU World.

All this with a little structure, but mostly our own unique spin based on the history and data of biathlon.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it! If there is anything in particular you would like us to talk about or you have any help critiques we would love to hear it on social media (Jordan on Twitter - Jordan on Instagram -  RJ on Twitter - RJ on Instagram


16 hours ago

Part 3 is the conclusion to our massive interview with Clare Egan. Here we get into the fun stuff like:
- Why does Clare love pigs?
- Did she wear a knit wool bra in Beijing?
- Her personal Tour de France travels!

Tuesday Sep 19, 2023

Part 2 of our awesome discussion with Clare Egan! In this section we get DEEEEEP into some big topics including:
1) Doping (5:35)
2) Relations with Russian and Belarussian federations/athletes (19:20)
3) Climate change (31:00)
4) Training for the big shot (57:00)
Part 3 coming later this week!

Friday Sep 15, 2023

Baiba Bendika returns to tell us all about how her life has changed over the last 9 months or so!

Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

We did it! Clare Egan, the most requested and recommended interview joined us for a HUGE 3 part interview. In part 1 we focus mostly on Clare's personal history. We talk about growing up in cross country skiing, creating the XC ski club at her university, and her auspicious intro into biathlon. Then we discuss her IBU career including some truly incredible high points. And we discuss her thoughts on her future...Netflix producer? 
Before the interview though, Jordan and RJ catch up on summer vacation and more importantly summer biathlon! 
More to come soon!

Sunday Jul 30, 2023

After Matthias went back to Germany in April to work with youth biathletes in Bayerwald (Bavarian forrest) we caught up with him. Unfortunately Jordan had to deal with a dog getting hit (the dog's recovering from a broken shoulder) so he was unable to make it.
Part 1 of this interview is largely about the comparison of the Canadian and German "biathlon systems" and how it is impacted by the nation's support, school, physical development, peer-pressure, infrastructure, and so much more.
We hope part 2 will be recorded in September (with Jordan!).

Friday Jul 21, 2023

We caught up with former biathlete from the Canadian national team AND our first ever summer guest on the podcast, Scott Gow. We hear from him what keeps him busy these days, how he transitions from athlete to a "normal person". We get interrupted by another surprise former biathlete, we talk IBU and biathlon developments and there's more that you just don't want to miss!
We also talk about two projects Scott is currently involved in, for which you can find the links below.
Enjoy the episode! (and yes, episode 67 is still planned to happen at some point!)
Jordan & RJ
Rise Above: Training for Excellence
Nordic Ski Lab:

Monday Jul 03, 2023

Come celebrate Canada Day with us as we are joined for a delightful interview with Canadian star Emma Lunder! We hear all about her journey from small town Canada to the World Cup. Then we focus in on her amazing 22-23 breakout season and the secret that made it all possible. We also get to hear more about being in a relationship with a fellow World Cup athlete with all the details you want to know like “Where is the best World Cup stop for a date night?” And “Who is the better cook Emma or Christian.” We also touch on the wild biathlon baby boom that just keeps in giving us more joy! All in all it’s a great time and a wonderful way to kick off our summer interviews! 
* You did not miss episode 67, it's still in the making!

Saturday Jun 10, 2023

The Return of the Penalty Loop Podcast! We're back and go over the news, both personal and biathlon, as a lot has happened since we last recorded.
We hope you enjoy hearing us again as much as it was to record again!

Episode 65 - KetchUp

Friday Apr 21, 2023

Friday Apr 21, 2023

As we are still awaiting a Floridian family member increase, Jordan and I had a quick chat about things happening in the biathlon world, what we are working on, and what's coming in the summer.

Monday Apr 03, 2023

In this week's episode we start off by talking a little biathlon news. Not a lot this week but we give a big THANK YOU to Biathlon23 for all of he work he has done the last 10 years and we wish him a restful year away from blogging. We also give some quick takes on the Norwegian 2023-2024 team announcement from this week. Then after teasing it for weeks, we FINALLY take a look at the Junior World Championships. We look at some athletes that we'll be keeping a close eye on the next few seasons. We finish up with an examination the u25 and try to tackle the question "Are they better now than they used to be?" 
Please check out RJ's (@biathlonanalyt1) data. This will help out a lot when listening and you can definitely lose an hour or two getting into the numbers!
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Welcome to the Penalty Loop Podcast

The brilliant RJ Weise of BiathlonAnalytics and I have launched what will eventually be a weekly podcast! We'll do our best to break down the world of biathlon, focusing primarily on the IBU World Cup, but touching on a few other important areas as well. Our hope is to try to discuss the important topics of the day but to do so with our own unique spin. Hopefully you'll enjoy it! If there is anything in particular you would like us to talk about or you have any help critiques we would love to hear it. 

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