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Join Jordan Gottschalk and regular guest RJ Weise in a discussion on the world of biathlon

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About Us

Jordan Gottschalk from Penalty Loop and RJ Weise from Biathlon Analytics break down the world of biathlon, focusing primarily on the IBU World Cup, but touching on a few other important areas as well. In the summer months we interview athletes, coaches and other people related to biathlon, with a main focus on understanding life of an athlete, coach, etc. in the IBU World.

All this with a little structure, but mostly our own unique spin based on the history and data of biathlon.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it! If there is anything in particular you would like us to talk about or you have any help critiques we would love to hear it on social media (Jordan on Twitter - Jordan on Instagram -  RJ on Twitter - RJ on Instagram


Monday Feb 27, 2023

With a week off between the World Championships and the 3rd Trimester we were so fortunate to get to spend some time chatting with Austrian up and coming biathlete Anna Gandler! We talked about the differences between Austria and Australia, growing up the daughter of an Olympic medalist, her rapid ascent to the World Cup, her Oberhof experience, goals for the rest of the season and summer, and of course, recent winner on the IBU Cup Emilien Claude. Come for the biathlon, stay for the gardening advice!

Monday Feb 20, 2023

Another week of exciting biathlon in the Thuringer Wald with sun, rain, fog, wind, unexpected winners, expected winners, revivals, redemption, disappointments, elation, hares, amazing crowds, superstars and soon to be's, and everything that makes biathlon the best sport in the world!
Jordan and RJ catch up again after the second week of the World Championships come to an end.
As mentioned in the podcast, check out Michael Rosch on instagram. If you love biathlon and you want to have a laugh every now and then, he's a good one to follow @mikklroesch

Monday Feb 13, 2023

The first few races of the 2023 Oberhof World Championships are in the books and we are here to take a look back! We discuss Denise Herrmann-Wick's magical win and the German racing in general, JT Boe's absolute dominance, Samuelsson and Sweden's up's and down's this Championships, IBU quota rules and many more men and women who have been having great Championships so far!

Monday Feb 06, 2023

Jordan and RJ chat about the Podcast's one-year anniversary, general biathlon news, and analytics. Then we share some thoughts about the upcoming World Championships in Oberhof!

Monday Jan 30, 2023

No World Cup biathlon race weekend to talk about, but that gave us the opportunity to have a great new guest on our show: Johanna Talihaerm from Estonia, reporting from Lenzerheide in Switzerland. We talked about her path into biathlon, life as an athlete (individual and team), dry-firing with only a stock, Bozeman (and Altius, see link below), sponsors (see link below), funding, adventure racing, Estonia, favourite tracks, as I always say, so much more.
Enjoy the episode!
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Altius Handcrafted Firearms is the only biathlon specialty shop in the world. Altius stocks a complete line of biathlon rifles, parts, accessories, and ammunition. We have the knowledge and experience to help you select the right gear, whether you're just starting out or are headed to a World Cup. Marc Sheppard, Altius proprietor, is the only Anschutz factory-trained service technician in the US with World Championships level competitive biathlon experience, and Altius is the only Anschutz Factory Authorized Biathlon Service Center in the US.

Monday Jan 23, 2023

We start this week off as many people are this week, diving deeeeep into the greatness of JT Boe this year and his career comparing him with Fourcade and Ole Einar Bjoerndalen. Then we discuss the action in Antholz including Wierer's emotional win, Elvira's continued growth, the stunning depth of the French women, and much more. 
We hope you enjoy it!
Tweet Jordan @penaltyloop or insta @penaltylooppodcast, and RJ @biathlonanalyt1 or insta @biathlonanalytics

Monday Jan 16, 2023

In episode 52 we review World Cup 5 as it took place in rainy Ruhpolding. Not a rank-by-rank race discussion, but rather things that stood out, general thoughts about the world of biathlon, data analysis and visualization, and streaks and clean shooting.
We hope you enjoy it!
Tweet Jordan @penaltyloop or insta @penaltylooppodcast, and RJ @biathlonanalyt1 or insta @biathlonanalytics
One of the dashboards we talked about is the Streaky Business dashboard on Tableau Public

Monday Jan 09, 2023

Another great race weekend is in the books! We talk about the return of Roeiseland and QFM from last season, the Boe brothers, Elvira, the success of the Swiss team, rising young athletes, hit-and-miss with Jacquelin, and many other things from the world of biathlon. Enjoy! 

Saturday Dec 24, 2022

We just wanted to take a few minutes to thank all listeners for your feedback, kind reviews and of course, for listening to us. And if you listen until the end, you may hear some 'unique' jodeling sounds... :o)

Monday Dec 19, 2022

Just like that the first trimester of the IBU World Cup biathlon season is over! Jordan and RJ take a look back at the weekend of racing in Annecy including the icy conditions that disrupted the Pursuit races, the unpredictable nature of the women's World Cup right now, the triumphant win of Johannes Dale, Julia Simon proudly wearing yellow and the young French women rising to the top, and much much more. Also we led off with surprise guest, Kirby Gottschalk, Jordan's dad!


Welcome to the Penalty Loop Podcast

The brilliant RJ Weise of BiathlonAnalytics and I have launched what will eventually be a weekly podcast! We'll do our best to break down the world of biathlon, focusing primarily on the IBU World Cup, but touching on a few other important areas as well. Our hope is to try to discuss the important topics of the day but to do so with our own unique spin. Hopefully you'll enjoy it! If there is anything in particular you would like us to talk about or you have any help critiques we would love to hear it. 

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